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Staxon Technology has its sights firmly set on becoming one of the leading companies in Europe dedicated to shaping the future of remote communication and interaction. The group consists of businesses operating in the Paid Video Call and Augmented Reality sectors with a particular interest in Telemedicine.


Staxon Technology


Although our development team has built some amazing technology, we believe it is important to keep innovating. We always want to answer the question – what will next year’s customer want?


Our divisions collaborate to create a vision for our products and brands. We build prototypes, consult with key users and make sure to gain intelligence from all stages of our supply chain in order to arrive at the perfect solution


Technology doesn’t stay “ground-breaking” for long. Once we have defined a solution our teams split out into their expert divisions. From development all the way through to sales & marketing each team obsessing!


Sectorised Approach

Our sectorised approach currently splits our business units into 3 reporting divisions. Our core goal as a group is to collaborate and produce great technology aimed at driving better remote communication experiences. However each unit has different day-to-day focus’ and challenges. Our Staxon platform is B2C, ClinkAr is dealing with the latest in telemedicine opportunities and Voxian Reality is our future facing Augmented Reality division with .

Combines a secure live video call platform with an integrated payment wall and diary scheduling system. Powering paid online consultations around the world every day.

We feel it is important to keep innovating. Our reality team (AR/VR) are developing some game-changing product features that we will be soon adding to our core software offering.

Working to enhance healthcare by using cutting edge Augmented Reality technology to shape the future of remote communication between Medical Professionals and Patients

And we love to work with others!

Please reach out if you have a project that might need some expertise in this field. We are very open to discuss and advise no matter what stage in the process you are at …………and we are very discrete.


Our Companies

Staxon Platform

Video Call Platform

Get paid for online consultations

Integrated Scheduler/Diary

clink AR

Linking Medical Professionals

Through Augmented Reality

The next level in Telemedicine

Voxian Reality

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

Mixed Reality & 360 degree


Staxon Technology Jobs

We are a small tech company where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. For us, it is important that everyone contributes to our roadmap and everyone grows with the company. We are currently looking for Senior Developers and Junior Developers so if you want to be a part of this special opportunity, send us a CV and cover letter to europe{at}


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